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Injury Law Support is an independent, third party that aims to connect accident injury victims with ethical, trusted law firms that have been vetted prior to joining our nationwide network.


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Level the Playing Field with Injury Law Support

Connect with local, trusted lawyers that can help to recover the maximum amount of financial compensation available.

We have a deep understanding of the challenges that injury victims and their families may face following an accident. In many instances, victims are harassed by insurance companies looking to quickly settle an insurance claim – often for significantly less than may be obtained with the help of licensed legal representation.

Insurance companies also have access to teams of lawyers and additional resources to defend their claims – we can help to level the playing field by putting you in direct contact with lawyers that have a comprehensive knowledge of the tactics insurance companies may use to deny your claim and, they can also help to field any inquiries about your claim – ensuring that your best interests are protected.

Our entire team are passionate about helping accident injury victims and connecting them with legal professionals that can help to protect their interests, while they can focus on the recovering from their injuries – secure in the knowledge that they have a team fighting on their behalf.

There is no cost to use Injury Law Support. There are no fees to submit your inquiry via our service and there is no obligation for you to continue with a lawsuit after you have spoken to one of the law firms in our network.

Our Selection Process

Each lawyer invited to join the Injury Law Support network is screened by our internal team which is comprised of industry specialists that have been dedicated to helping to connect accident injury victims with lawyers capable of successfully litigating a personal injury lawsuit, for more than a decade.

The selection requirements to be admitted into the Injury Law Support network include:

  • Each lawyer must be bar certified in the state that they practice law in
  • That certification must be current, valid and in good standing
  • Recognition by their colleagues as having robust ethical standards and a respected level of experience

Information procured during the application process is obtained at great cost to Injury Law Support and devised by a system of our own design.

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